Terms and Conditions

Certain terms and conditions apply, and regarding expenses and fees we ask the inviting party to provide for, and take care of the following:

  • Transfers and return flight costs; At the moment most likely from and to a destination in Europe, but I shall let my current location be known well in advance. Economy class is fine, and a pick-up from the airport will be appreciated.
  • Accommodation throughout the whole stay, including breakfast. If the inviting party has similar and suitable accommodation available on campus, that is fine as well.
  • Visa or working permit costs, if any. If some sort of invitation, permit or paperwork is needed to enter or work in your country, please assist in such processes.
  • Workshop fee. The amount depends on the type, duration and the intensity of the workshop, for which a custom-made proposal will be written. I am very open to discuss long-term engagements, for which I can offer discounted rates.
  • All requested fees are gross amounts, over which taxes will be paid in The Netherlands. VAT (if applicable) reversed charged, and any additional or locally applicable taxes are to be taken care of by the inviting party.
  • An agreement will be drafted and signed by both parties well before the event starts. After confirmation of the agreement certain cancellation penalties will apply.
  • For long-term engagements different terms and conditions may apply regarding salary and accommodation. This will be part of the discussions with the inviting party.

Important Note

The PowerPoint presentations cannot be handed over due to copyright issues. Instead, we bring a reference list with the names of all projects, architects, websites, techniques and so forth.

Furthermore we bring a memory stick with 200 MB of most relevant and up-to-date manuals, books and documentation. This information will be distributed to all participants.